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Data Element Name:  Exempt Unit Indicator File Location:   Master, De-Identified, De-Identified Abbreviated
SPARCS Data Element Number:  81
Record Positions:  1691 - 1693 Format-Length:  A/N - 3
Effective Date:  1/1/1994 Revision Date:  June 1997
Identifying Data Element:  No


The code which identifies a discharge from a unit within the facility that is exempt from Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) reimbursement.

Codes and Values:
  1. ALR = Alcohol Rehabilitation
    ALC = Alternate Level Of Care
    CEP = Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program Observation
    DGR = Drug Rehabilitation
    NDB = Non-DRG Billable Claim
    EPI = Epilepsy
    EXH = All Services at Hospital are Exempt
    MRH = Medical Rehabilitation
    PSY = Psychiatric
    TBI = Traumatic Brain Injurybr
    VTD = Ventilator Dependentbr

  2. If this field was not applicable, it contains blanks.
Edit Applications:
  1. Must have been a valid entry when DRG billed (Data Element 110) was blank.

Conversion Notes:

If the DDA exempt field had a value of 1, a 1 was moved to this field.