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Data Element Name:  Length of Stay File Location:   Master, De-Identified, De-Identified Abbreviated
SPARCS Data Element Number:  93
Record Positions:  1789 - 1792 Format-Length:  N - 4
Effective Date:  1/1/1994 Revision Date:          
Deniable Data Element:  No


The total number of patient days at an acute level and/or other than acute care level (excluding leave of absence days).

Codes and Values:
  1. Length of Stay (LOS) equals Discharge Date (Data Element 6 & 7) minus Admission Date/Start of Care (Data Element 5) minus Leave of Absence Days (Data Element 45).

  2. If the Date of Discharge equals the Date of Admission, then Length of Stay (LOS) equals 1.
Edit Applications:
  1. Not applicable - calculated by SPARCS.