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Data Element Name:  Age
SPARCS Data Element Number:  69
Record Positions:  1793 - 1795 Format-Length:  N - 3
Effective Date:  1/1/1994 Revision Date:          


The patient's age calculated as of the date of admission.

Codes and Values:
  1. Right justified, zero filled.
  2. For a patient under one year of age or a newborn, age = "000".
Edit Applications:
  1. Not applicable, calculated by SPARCS based on Patient Birth date (Data Element 10) and Admission/Start of Care Date (Data Element 5).

  2. There were multiple relationship edits between age-specific diagnosis codes and Age as defined by the Age-specific indicator in the ICD-9-CM reference file obtained from HCIA.

  3. Certain diagnosis codes have been identified as age exceptions. When these codes are reported in conflict with existing age-specific edits a warning message was returned to the submitter and the Age Warning Flag (Date Element 76) was set.