Summary of Inpatient Output Update for 1998


The items below summarize the changes documented in the SPARCS Inpatient Output Data Dictionary for implementation in calendar year 1998.

  • Listed below are the data elements that are no longer required for submission by facilities to SPARCS effective for all discharges after 12/31/1997.

    Element Name Element Number
    Prehospital Care Report Number 24
    Total Acute Certified Days 83
    DRG Number Billed 110
    Do Not Resuscitate Indicator 113

  • The revised date has been added to the footer in all appendices.

  • The following ancillary revenue coded added by the National Uniform Billing Committee is included in Appendix I.

    637     Self-Administered Drugs

  • Grouper version for 1998 added to existing table in Appendix Y. The orientation and composition of the table was changed to accommodate yearly updates.

  • The following ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes have been added to the list of age exceptions detailed in Appendix N. This changes is effective for all discharges after 11/20/97.

         331.81 411.89 433.01 433.11 433.21 433.31 433.81
    433.91 440.9 454.9 577.2 766.1 767.6