Summary of Inpatient Output Update for 2000


The items below summarize the changes documented in the SPARCS Inpatient Output Data Dictionary for implementation in calendar year 2000.

  1. Colletion of UB-92 accommodation codes to replace current SPARCS accommodation codes. We will be storing the existing SPARCS accommosation codes in a new location on our master file. The location of the current SPARCS accommodation codes on the output record will become the home of the UB-92 accommodation codes. The SPARCS accommodation codes on old master files will be converted to UB-92 codes using the conversion chart in Appendix H. The edit program logic will first look for UB-92 codes. If UB-92 codes are reported (whether SPARCS accommodation codes exist or not), they will be verified and stored with no further logic necessary. If only SPARCS accommodation codes are reported they will be stored in their new location and the conversion algorithm will be used to derive the UB-92 code. The timing of this change will require a promotion of the edit program after the monthly merge job runs, but prior to any new submissions being edited. During that next month all SPARCS master files will need to be converted as indicated above.

  2. All references to the non-millennium ready Version 4 format have been removed from each section of the SPARCS Documentation. Data can no longer be submitted in this format.

Listed below is a summary of the changes made to the appendices.

Appendix       Change Description
H       Update to use UB-92 Accommodation Codes rather than UBF-1 codes. Conversion table indlued
I       Update Inpatient Ancillary Revenue Codes to reflect changes in UB-92 Specifications
M       Update the Alphabetic Listing of Data Elements to reflect yearly changes in the output format
V       Update the Edited UDS Inpatient Output File Description to reflect yearly changes in the output format
W       Update the Edited UDS Inpatient Output File Conversion Source to reflect yearly changes in the output format
Y       Update Grouper Versions used by year Reference Table to reflect yearly changes in State and Federal Groupers