Summary of Outpatient Output Update for 2003


The items below summarize the changes documented in the SPARCS Outpatient Output Data Dictionary for implementation in calendar year 2003.

Note:  These changes announce new requirements for data collection in 2003. Most of the changes are to the SPARCS Outpatient (Ambulatory Surgery) data collection requirements. The intent of these changes is to align the current SPARCS outpatient data requirements with the anticipated Emergency Department Data Collection requirements. Based on a series of industry outreach meetings aligning the requirements of all outpatient reporting requirements to SPARCS will lessen the burden on New York State providers needing to satisfy state mandates.

Additional data elements collected for Ambulatory Surgery submissions effective for all discharges after 12/31/2002.

Element Name
Element Number
Element Number
Patient's Race 25013 18
Patient's Ethnicity 25014 19
Patient's Residence Address - Line 1 25019 23
Patient's Residence Address - Line 2 25020 24
Patient's Residence City 25021 25
Patient's Residence State 25023 27
Source of Payment 30004 29
Payer Identification Number 30005 31
Provider Identification Number 30024 33
Occurrence Information Accident Related Codes & Dates 40008 38 & 39
Condition Information Homeless Patients 41004 78
Value Information Accident Hour 41016 48
Outpatient Ancillary Revenue Code 61004 41
Procedure Code - HCPC/CPT4 61005 42
Procedure Code - Modifier 1 61006 43
Procedure Code - Modifier 2 61007 44
Outpatient Ancillary Total Charges 61010 45
Outpatient Ancillary Total Non-Covered Charges 61011 46
Principal Procedure Date 70014 53
Other Procedure Dates 70016 55
Patient's Reason for Visit Code 70025 56
External Cause of Injury Code 70026 57
Place of Injury Code 79039 58

Note:  Several of the SPARCS Outpatient Output Data Dictionary appendices have been renamed in the 2003 version of this documentation to be consistent with the comparable appendices in the Inpatient Output Data Dictionary. There are several new appendices that have also been added as a result of the new data elements added to the outpatient data set. Below are descriptions of content changes in the appendices.

Appendix C-The list has also been updated to include new codes approved by the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC).

The following Disposition/Patient Status codes defined for New York State purposes only are being eliminated. Listed below are the codes that will no longer be valid after 12/31/2002.

       10   Neonate discharged to another hospital for neonatal aftercare for weight gain. INPATIENT ONLY

       11   Patient discharged to a short-term psychiatric, chronic hospital or long-term specialty hospital providing for psychiatric illnesses.

       12   Discharged/transferred to intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded.

       13   Transferred to another hospital for tertiary aftercare. This code is for multiple significant trauma reasons. INPATIENT ONLY

       14   Admitted to Domiciliary Care Facility (DCF). INPATIENT ONLY

Appendix G- State Edit Validation Table added

Appendix I- Outpatient Ancillary Revenue Codes Table added

Appendix J- License Code Description added

Appendix K- Commercial Insurance Company Numbers Table added

Appendix L- Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan Numbers Table added

Appendix M- The Outpatient Alphabetic listing of data elements has been expanded to include edits on the new 2003 outpatient collection requirements.

Appendix N- Additional diagnosis codes (995.90-995.94) added to the ICD-9-CM External Cause-of-Injury Exceptions list.

Appendix V V- The Outpatient Output File Description has been expanded to include edits on the new 2003 outpatient collection requirements.

Revised 11/2002