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Stage II - Specialized Registries Reporting Menu Measure

Eligible Professionals in New York State and New York City

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The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene can accept electronic provider notifiable condition reporting from Eligible providers offering care for patients who are residents of New York City.

Objective Capability to identify and report specific cases to a specialized registry (other than a cancer registry), except where prohibited, and in accordance with applicable law and practice.

Note: NYC DOHMH is developing a specialized registry to receive continuity of care documents (CCD) in XML using NYC DOHMH defined transport specifications, for required Provider Notifiable diseases and conditions (NYC Health code Article 11). See link for required reportable diseases and conditions in NYC:
Measure Successful ongoing submission of specific case information from CEHRT to a specialized registry for the entire EHR reporting period.

Note: In 2014, providers who care for patients residing in New York City or are physically located in NYC can meet this measure by engaging in an onboarding process with NYC DOHMH as described below.
Exclusions New York City has the capability to receive data electronically from Eligible Providers who care for patients residing in New York City or physically located in NYC. EPs not physically located in NYC or who don't see patients who reside in NYC or do not see or treat patients for any notifiable conditions are excluded.
Additional Information See the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Meaningful Use pages for the most up-to-date information about reporting to a Specialized Registry.

For more information about certified EHRs review the CMS Certified EHR Technology page.

Meeting the Stage 2 Specialized Registry – Provider Notifiable Disease Reporting Registry - Menu Measure

These guidelines are for providers providing care for patients who are residents of New York City.

Registration Eligible Providers wishing to meet the Stage 2 public health measures in New York City must register their intent to submit data to NYS DOH. Please see the NYS DOH registration instructions.

In addition contact NYC DOHMH at
Data Specifications The New York City Specification for reporting to a Specialized Registry requires that the EHR can export a CCD as per HL7 Specifications.

More information about PHIN Messaging can be found at:

Please contact with any questions or for additional information.

Process Summary NYC DOHMH Staff will provide you with implementation materials and will be available to support you if you have questions during the process. At a high level, the steps are:

  1. Following Registration of Intent, NYC DOHMH will request additional contact information from your implementation team

  2. NYC DOHMH will request various test files be sent to the Provider Notifiable Disease Reporting Registry web-service end-point, based on the IHE Specification and we will work with your EHR vendor or IT contacts to check for correct CCD formatting

  3. NYC DOHMH will verify test data correctness, completeness and consistency with specifications from the EHR system. For any inconsistencies, NYC DOHMH will request EHR vendor/IT contacts to troubleshoot and resolve.

  4. Upon successful completion of a test message NYC DOHMH will notify the EP that they have completed the DOHMH steps for this MU Stage 2 Objective. The EP may then be placed in a queue to submit production-level data until NYC DOHMH is able to engage them.

Data Transport NYC DOHMH requires using the IHE Specification to transport the data.

For more information on data transport please contact the NYC DOHMH at

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