60 Second Radio Spot - Perinatal Depression

Broadcast Public Service Announcements: Perinatal Depression

60 Seconds:

Voice 1: I'm pregnant. I'm supposed to be happy.

Voice 2: I haven't been myself since the baby was born.

Voice 3: What's wrong with me?

Voice 4: I should be happy, but I'm sad.

Voice 5: Will these feelings ever go away?

Narrator: Being pregnant and having a baby can be a wonderful experience. But sometimes it can make you feel sad, anxious, or constantly worried about being a good mother.

If you're pregnant, or a new mother and feel depressed, you're not alone. Symptoms of depression include:

  • Frequent crying.
  • Inability to sleep or sleeping too much.
  • No appetite or eating too much.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Irritability or anger.
  • Loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed.
  • Thoughts of harming yourself, or your baby.

If you or someone you know is depressed, call 1-800-522-5006 for confidential information on where to get help. That's 1-800-522-5006.

A message from the New York State Department of Health.