HIV/STI/Viral Hepatitis Education Materials

HIV/STI/Viral Hepatitis Education Materials Initiative

The Office of the Medical Director's HIV, STI, Viral Hepatitis Materials Initiative coordinates with all programs in the AIDS Institute to support development and distribution of consumer materials in paper and digital formats related to the full portfolio of AIDS Institute activities. New York State health and human service providers and the general public may request or download HIV publications free of charge.  AIDS Institute staff work collaboratively with other AIDS Institute program staff, health and human service providers, and consumers to develop and update materials.

Staff maintain an inventory of over 150 consumer educational materials and distribute almost 1.5 million pieces annually. Consumer materials are available in multiple languages and are offered in a variety of paper and digital formats, including brochures, posters, bookmarks, wallet cards, magnets, scratch-off cards, booklets, PDFs, GIFs, and social media toolkits.  The materials are designed to appeal to a number of specific target audiences including adults, women, children, adolescents, older adults, faith communities, people who use drugs, and people living with HIV. As part of our focus on health and literacy, several materials target persons with low literacy.

The Materials Initiative publishes and periodically updates an HIV Consumer and Provider Educational Materials Order Form that contains descriptions and ordering information for available materials.  New and revised materials are disseminated electronically, through mailings, or at local, state, and other public health-related conferences and exhibits.  Materials for providers are available from the clinical resource website at


Rachel Newport, M.S.Ed.
HIV Education and Training Programs
Office of the Medical Director
(518) 474-3045

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