Respect Yourself - Protect Yourself

Learn more about HIV and AIDS:

Protect yourself. Learn more about HIV and AIDS.
Call the New York State HIV/AIDS Hotlines. Calls are free and confidential.

  • 1-800-541-2437 (English)
  • 1-800-233-7432 (Español)

HIV/AIDS TTY Information Line:

  • 1-212-925-9560
  • Voice callers use the NY relay: 711 or 1-800-421-1220 and ask the operator for: 1-212-925-9560

These interactive statements are also available in print format on "scratch-off cards". There are 9 English language cards and 8 Spanish language cards. Each card lists four statements that users read, then scratch-off a silver coating to learn if the statement is true or false. These unique, interactive educational resources were developed with significant input from teens and are a favorite among health and education service providers and adolescents. Ordering information can be found on the HIV/AIDS Consumer Educational Materials Order Form.