NYS Hepatitis C Continuity Program Fact Sheet

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What is the Hepatitis C Continuity Program?

The Hepatitis C Continuity Program is a program for New York State (NYS) Department of Correctional and Community Supervision (DOCCS) inmates who are under treatment for hepatitis C (HCV). The program promotes treatment completion upon and after release to the community.

This Program makes it possible for treatment to be initiated in DOCCS regardless of the incarceration time remaining, since arrangements for continuity of treatment after release are possible. It enables inmates who initiate treatment prior to release to receive timely referral to appropriate community-based health care providers for continuation of treatment.

How does the Program work?

Participation on the part of inmates is voluntary and there is no cost to the inmate while incarcerated or after release. DOCS Health Services staff and facility Parole Officers work with inmates prior to initiation of treatment to:

  • Arrange participation;
  • Secure appropriate Release of Information forms;
  • Initiate Medicaid; and,
  • Select a health care provider for referral for treatment completion in the community.

How do health care providers participate?

As release approaches, an initial medical appointment is made with the participating health care provider within two weeks after release. The patient's full medical record and Release of Information forms will be faxed directly to the health care provider by DOCCS staff.

How are medications obtained?

Upon release, DOCCS staff give the patient any remaining doses of medication (as well as a 28-day supply if needed) to ensure no lapse in treatment while Medicaid or other coverage is being arranged.

How many patients should the health care provider expect for treatment?

Only a small volume of patients are referred to each health care provider.

What else can enrolled health care providers expect?

Staff from the NYSDOH AIDS Institute will contact the health care provider to confirm if the patient attended the initial appointment.

The Hepatitis C Continuity Program is a partnership between :

  • NYS Department of Health (DOH) AIDS Institute
  • NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS)
  • Community-Based Health Care Providers

For Additional Information:

Stephanie McHugh
NYS Department of Health
(518) 486-6806