New York State Condom (NYSCondom) Program

Program Overview

The New York State Condom (NYSCondom) Program is an initiative of the Department of Health’s AIDS Institute.  Its purpose is to increase the availability of condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  Male and female condoms, when used correctly and consistently, are very effective in preventing the sexual transmission of these infections.

Through NYSCondom, eligible organizations may request free male and female condoms, personal lubricant, dental dams and finger cots. These organizations then provide the condoms and other items at no cost to sexually active individuals in their communities. 

We are also encouraging our community partners:

  • To develop or refine strategies for effective local distribution of condoms;
  • To promote the use of condoms, safer sex and sexual health; and
  • To let us know how we can improve this program.

How does the program work?

  1. Complete and submit an Organization Information and Attestation (PDF, 184 KB, 5pg.) Requests for NYSCondom supplies may only come from individuals who are specifically authorized by an eligible organization's executive director or designee in that attestation. The Organization Information and Attestation needs to be completed and submitted only once, unless additional individuals are being authorized to make requests.
  2. Specifically authorized staff - and only those staff - may then complete the convenient on-line NYSCondom request form.
  3. Please allow up to one month for your request to be processed and for shipment of supplies.

What organizations are eligible?

  • Not-for-profit organizations;
  • Health care facilities (not individual practitioners); and
  • Government agencies

Are organizations in New York City eligible to make NYSCondom requests?

Yes. However, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has an initiative similar to NYSCondom known as NYC Condom. If your organization wants to distribute condoms in New York City, you should first request them from that program.

  • Note: Organizations in New York City making requests for supplies from NYSCondom may be asked to substantiate that they have first sought supplies from NYC Condom before their NYSCondom orders will be considered.

Are for-profit businesses able to request supplies?

No.  Businesses are instead encouraged to work with local eligible organizations so that their patrons’ safer sex needs are met.  These businesses may also purchase condoms through commercial channels.  NYSCondom supplies, including those obtained indirectly from eligible organizations, must always be provided to individuals in the community for free.

May an individual order condoms or lubricant?

No.  Individuals wanting condoms for their personal use should contact local eligible organizations. If they do not know of nearby organizations that may have these supplies for free, they can send an e-mail to requesting that information.

What supplies may be requested?

There is a wide variety of male and female condoms, lubricant and other supplies from which to choose.  Please consult the NYSCondom Product Descriptions.

  • Note:  No assurances are made that specific products will be available at the time that orders are fulfilled.  In offering these items, we are not making any endorsements of them, nor are we making a qualitative assessment of them as compared to other products that may be commercially available.

Are female condoms available?

Yes.  The FC® female condom, sometimes known as the Reality® condom, is one of the items which may be requested through NYSCondom.

Are there limits on how many condoms and other safer sex materials may be requested?

Although no fixed limits have been imposed, NYSCondom-eligible organizations should explore all options for acquiring safer sex materials. These options include commercial channels and - for New York City-based organizations - the NYC Condom program. NYSCondom was never intended to be the sole source of condoms in New York State - even for organizations whose focus is HIV and STI prevention. Instead, NYSCondom should be seen as a complement to other resources. Because NYSCondom's resources are not unlimited, we periodically must adjust the size of fulfillments. This is in fairness to all NYSCondom requesters.

Where can I get more information regarding NYSCondom?

If you have questions regarding NYSCondom which have not been answered here, please send an e-mail to

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