Section 7: Clinical Guidelines and Resources for Care and Clinical Training

The Department of Health AIDS Institute's Office of the Medical Director oversees the formulation, development, publication, and dissemination of state-of-the-art clinical practice guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and medical management of adults, pregnant women, children and adolescents with HIV infection.

Distinguished committees of clinicians and others with extensive experience providing care to people with HIV infection develop the clinical guidelines. Committees are charged with developing standards of care for patients in their specialty area. Committees meet regularly to assess current recommendations, write guidelines, and to update guidelines in accordance with newly emerging clinical and research developments.

The latest editions of AIDS Institute Clinical Guidelines can be found on the website:

  • Medical Management of Adults with HIV
  • Medical Management of Children and Adolescents with HIV/AIDS
  • Mental Health Guidelines for People with HIV/AIDS
  • HIV/AIDS and Substance Use
  • HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
  • Prevention
  • Oral Health Care for People with HIV/AIDS.

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New York State Department of Health Resources for Care HIV Uninsured Care Programs

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute has established four programs for HIV Uninsured Care (ADAP, ADAP Plus, ADAP Plus Insurance Continuation and the HIV Home Care Program). The mission of these programs is to provide access to medical services and medications for all New York State residents with HIV/AIDS. The programs' dual goals are: to empower individuals to seek, access and receive medical care and prescription drugs without cost; and to supply a stable and timely funding stream to health care providers, enabling them to use the revenues to develop program capacity to meet the needs of the uninsured HIV population.

For more information about ADAP, call (518) 459-1641 or (800) 542-2437 (NYS only).

Designated AIDS Centers

Designated AIDS Centers (DACs) are State-certified, hospital-based programs that serve as the hubs for a continuum of hospital and community-based care for persons with HIV infection and AIDS. The Centers provide state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary inpatient and outpatient care coordinated through hospital-based case management. DACs with pediatric and obstetrical departments also provide specialized HIV care to infants, children and pregnant women.

For more information about Designed AIDS Centers, call (518) 486-1383.

HIV Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

HIV SNPs are Medicaid managed care plans specifically designed to serve the state's Medicaid recipients with HIV/AIDS and their children, and improve access to high quality health care and essential supportive and enabling services. This unique program, the first of its kind in the nation, is focused in New York City where Medicaid recipients with HIV/AIDS and their children are eligible to enroll on a voluntary basis. As of July 2006 there are three certified SNPs with a total enrollment of approximately 2000 members.

Individuals who reside in the New York City area who are interested in joining an HIV SNP should be advised to call New York Medicaid CHOICE at (800) 505-5678. People with hearing impairment should call the TTY/TDD number, which is (888) 329-1541. Additional information regarding the HIV SNP program is available on the Department of Health website.

PartNer Assistance Program (PNAP) and Contact Notification Assistance Program (CNAP)

Upon initial diagnosis of HIV infection, physicians should discuss the importance of partner/spousal notification and work with the patient to develop a plan for notifying exposed partners. PNAP and CNAP are public health programs that can provide assistance to health care providers, HIV positive patients and their partners. PNAP/CNAP counselors are available to consult with health care providers and meet directly with HIV positive clients to:

  • Provide assistance with partner notification.
  • Conduct assisted notification of partners, where the PNAP/CNAP counselor meets with the client and partner.
  • Conduct notification of partners without revealing the client's name or any identifying information.
  • Prepare clients for self-notification of partners.
  • Assist patients with arranging for notification of partners who are out of the state.

Information about these programs is available at the following numbers:

  • PNAP (Statewide, outside NYC) (800)-541-2437 (available 9 am-5 pm weekdays)
  • CNAP (New York City) (212) 693-1419 (available 9 am-5 pm weekdays)

NYS Department of Health HIV Clinical Education Initiative

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute's HIV Clinical Education Initiative provides State-of the-Art Education for Clinicians (Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, Nurses, Dentists, and Pharmacists). Education for clinicians includes:

  • Participation in case-based educational sessions at your clinical site;
  • Attending lectures, preceptor ships and satellite videoconferences;
  • Obtaining interactive CD ROM, audio & videocassettes on direct care of patients with HIV disease; and
  • Accessing experienced HIV specialists from academic medical centers for consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the CEI Line.

Downstate Training Programs

  • Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
    (718) 960-1476
  • SUNY Health Science Center @ Brooklyn
    (718) 270-4752
  • Nassau University Medical Center
    (516) 572-6506
  • St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center of NY
    (212) 604-2980
  • NY Hospital Medical Center of Queens
    (718) 670-2643

Upstate Training Programs

  • Albany Medical Center
    (518) 262-6864
  • Erie County Medical Center
    (716) 898-4713
  • Upper Hudson Primary Care Consortium
    (518) 761-0300 x215
  • Strong Memorial Hospital
    (585) 275-7655
  • SUNY Upstate Medical University
    (315) 464-5593
  • Westchester Medical Center
    (914) 493-1362

Clinical Education Initiative Line

The Clinical Education Initiative Line offers primary care clinicians the opportunity to discuss clinical management issues with an experienced HIV clinician. CEI-Lines are located throughout the State. To access the CEI-Line in your area, call the CEI site listed below for your region. CEI-Line services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HIV clinical specialists will return calls within 24 hours of the initial request.

New York City Area


  • Bronx Lebanon Hospital
    (718) 901-1476


  • SUNY Downstate Medical Center
    (917) 763-1815


  • St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center
    (212) 604-2980


  • New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens
    (718) 670-2643

Long Island

  • Nassau County Medical Center
    (516) 572-4947

Upstate New York


  • Albany Medical Center
    (518) 262-4043


  • Erie County Medical Center
    (716) 898-4119

Glens Falls & the North Country

  • Upper Hudson Primary Care Consortium
    (518) 761-0300 x215


  • Westchester Medical Center
    (914) 906-8377


  • Strong Memorial Hospital
    (585) 275-8418


  • SUNY Upstate Medical Center
    Adult care questions (days): (315) 464-5533
    Pediatric care questions (days): (315) 464-6331
    Nights & weekends (ask for appropriate ID on call): (315) 464-5540