Useful Resources

General HIV Information Hotlines:

Provides basic information about HIV transmission, prevention, testing and referrals to local providers by county of residence.

Condom Information:

HIV Counseling & Testing Sites:

Provides information about anonymous HIV testing sites by county of residence.

  • NYS AIDS Hotline - (800) 541-2437
  • NYC Department of Health - Bilingual # - (800) 825-5448

HIV Special Needs Plans (SNPs):

NY Medicaid CHOICE Helpline counselor can answer your questions about choosing a doctor and choosing a plan that serves your area. Informational packets about enrollment can be mailed. Everything said is kept confidential.

New York Medicaid CHOICE Helpline
Monday-Friday 8:30am - 8:00pm & Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm

  • (800) 505-5678
  • TTY/TDD (800) 329-1541

ADAP & ADAP Plus (AIDS Drug Assistance Program):

Program that helps HIV infected people get medications, medical care & home care when uninsured & underinsured.

  • Bilingual # - (800) 542-2437
  • TDD - (518) 459-0121
  • Relay Operator - (800) 421-1240

Partner/Spousal Notification Assistance Services:

Referral for free and confidential assistance in notifying sexual or needle sharing partners regarding exposure to HIV.

  • NYS Department of Health - (800) 541-2437
  • NYC Department of Health - (212) 693-1419


Provides general information regarding the NYS Confidentiality Law (Article 27-F) as well as the dissemination of complaints forms to callers.

  • NYS Confidentiality Hotline - (800) 962-5065
  • Legal Action Center: Bilingual # - (212) 243-1313

Human Rights/Discrimination:

Provides information and assistance regarding issues of HIV discrimination related to housing, employment, etc.

  • NYS Division of Human Rights: Bilingual # - (800) 523-2437
  • NYC Commission on Human Rights: Bilingual # - (212) 306-7500
  • Legal Action Center

HIV Prevention Education:

Clinical HIV/AIDS Resources:


Domestic Violence & Abuse Resources:

HIPAA Resource:

The DOH website has a resource which you may find helpful. The below link is to a grid on the DOH website that compares the overlap between HIPAA and the NYS HIV Confidentiality Law. The grid has three columns: 1. Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, 2. Summary of Public Health Law (you want to refer to section PHL 2782) and 3. Guidance on which Law (HIPAA or 2782) prevails in NYS. Here is the link:

Other Helpful Websites:

E-mail requests for single sample copies or order forms for HIV educational materials.

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