Health Care Initiatives

Healthy New York

  • Healthy New York is a unique program designed for small employers that do not offer health insurance coverage for their employees, uninsured employed individuals and students who are no longer insured under their family's coverage (For more information:

Medicaid Asthma Disease Management and Quality Improvement Initiative

  • The New York State Medicaid Program is promoting disease management interventions in the treatment of asthma. The purpose of these interventions is to improve health outcomes for Medicaid recipients through education of practitioners, patients, and family members, as well as quality assurance in the delivery of asthma car. (For more information: )

Medicaid Program

  • Medicaid recipients have access to a benefit package covering services necessary to manage asthma, including medications/prescription drugs, spacers, peak flow meters, nebulizers, pulmonary diagnostic tests, doctor visits and hospital care. (For more information:

NYS Asthma Guideline

Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements (QARR) Report

  • The QARR report measures the effectiveness of Medicaid managed care plans in treating asthma. The most recent version (2012) of this report identifies how Medicaid managed care plans and commercial insurance plans perform on specific health measures, including asthma. The report represents one of the most comprehensive report cards for managed care in the nation. (For more information: