The New York State Local IMPACT Project


The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) leads the Local Initiatives for Multi-Sector Public Health Action (Local IMPACT) project, funded by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), to help prevent and control obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, and reduce health disparities among adults. NYSDOH awarded four organizations, called partnerships, to work in high need areas throughout New York State outside of New York City. The four-year project started in September 2014 and continues through September of 2018..


The purpose of the NYSDOH Local IMPACT project is to support the implementation of general and priority adult population strategies in community and health system settings. These strategies are organized into four general categories: 1) Environmental approaches to promote health, support and reinforce healthful behaviors; 2) Lifestyle Change to build support for lifestyle improvements through promotion of and participation in the CDC recognized lifestyle change program; 3) Health System interventions to improve the quality of health care delivery to populations with the highest hypertension and prediabetes disparities, and 4) Community-Clinical Linkages to support heart disease, stroke, and diabetes prevention efforts through increased promotion of and engagement between community resources and clinical services.

Priority populations are those population subgroups with uncontrolled hypertension, at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes (including people with prediabetes), and/or those at disproportionate risk of chronic disease who experience racial/ethnic or socioeconomic disparities. The four partnerships will form new and/or utilize existing networks to implement these intensive strategies in community and health system settings simultaneously

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