Doctor, Protect Thyself...And Your Patients

As a health care provider, protecting your patients is your key responsibility. That is why it is important to get immunized against influenza each year. Unvaccinated and often asymptomatic health care workers can spread influenza to patients in a variety of health care settings. Don't make yourself the cause of an influenza outbreak among patients whether in your practice or in a long-term care facility.

Make sure both you and your staff get vaccinated against influenza - there's no reason not to!

Standing Orders

Standing orders policies delegate immunization responsibilities and enable your nurses to provide vaccination to adult patients, without requiring a physician examination.

Along with protecting your patients, standing orders can increase your practice's immunization rates and save you valuable time.

For more information on standing orders, and some sample standing order policies for commonly administered vaccinations to adults, children, and teens, visit the Immunization Action Coalition's "Standing Orders."