Expedited Partner Treatment (EPT)

What is EPT?

Expedited Partner Treatment (EPT) allows health care providers to give medication or a prescription to patients diagnosed with chlamydia, gonorrhea, and/or trichomoniasis to deliver to their sex partners, so they can also be treated, without requiring an examination.

What Infections is EPT for?

EPT in New York State (NYS) is for people who have:

  • chlamydia, gonorrhea, and/or trichomoniasis. People diagnosed with syphilis are not able to get EPT for their sex partners.
  • sex partners of persons diagnosed with syphilis should get immediate care and recommended testing and treatment.

Why is EPT Important?

EPT is important because:

  • It is an option for quick treatment of sex partners.
  • treatment of sex partner(s) may help prevent reinfection in the patient.
  • It helps remove barriers to care when an in-person visit is not possible for sex partners.

How does EPT work?

EPT is given to the person diagnosed with an STI as either:

  • a nameless prescription that can be filled at any pharmacy; or
  • medication-in-hand, where the full dose of medicine is given to the patient for them to deliver to their sex partners.

Who pays for EPT?

Health care providers may offer one of the following to deliver to partners:

EPT Partner Brochures:

Contain information for sex partners about:

Get Tested, Get Treated, Get Your Partners Treated with EPT