Program Structure


The exercise program should be scheduled for a minimum of 10 weeks.

Each session will run for about 30 minutes with 15-20 minutes of exercise.

Participants in the Program

Group Size

Approximately 10 participants per class is suggested but can be more or less depending on skills of leader.

Selection of Residents

Participants may be recommended by physical therapy or nursing departments based on resident's history of falls or need for relaxation due to agitation.

Entrance Criteria

  1. Residents should be alert and have some ability to mirror movements of a leader either from a sitting or standing position.
  2. Residents who don't have the ability to participate in the exercises may benefit from the relaxation of the music and mood.

Exit Criteria

  1. Residents are no longer benefiting from the program.
  2. Residents are no longer willing to participate.

Staff Requirements

  1. At least 1 person is required to lead a class of residents in the sitting style format.
  2. More staff may be required to guard residents participating in the standing style format.

Physical Environment and Equipment Needed

  1. Select the physical setting for your classes. A room large enough to assemble chairs for each participant is needed. Choose a secure familiar room that is relatively free from distractions.
  2. Obtain the required equipment including a DVD player, projector and screen, or a DVD player and television.
  3. Select the exercise DVD you will be using. Either the CAREx sitting Routine or the CAREx...More CAREx DVD may be used. Be sure the exercise DVD is ready to play.
  4. Have soft balls or wands available if choosing to use these items to assist residents in maintaining their form during the exercise routines.
  5. Obtain chairs for ambulatory residents.
  6. Position chairs for participating residents so that you have a view of everyone. A circle works well.
  7. Residents' known to be more restless than others may be seated next to the leader.
  8. Play selected music as the residents come into the room and settle into place.
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