Steps to running the program

  1. Welcome everyone and let the class know you will be leading them through exercises. To set the mood and gain everyone's attention, cue the class to sit up as tall as they can. Begin by instructing them to take a few deep breaths. Move on to the opening movement call "Wuji."
  2. Set the pace of the exercise with a calm voice. Keep the pace slow and flowing. Transition from one movement pattern to the next as smoothly as possible and do not stop in between each exercise.
  3. The following sequence of exercises is performed in the DVD. After the leader is comfortable performing the exercises, they may perform them in any order or even eliminate ones that residents may have more difficulty performing. However, do not change the actual movement pattern. Always begin and end your class with Wuji.
    • Opening and Closing
    • Picking Fruit
    • Polishing the Table
    • Side Stepping
    • Polishing the Mirror
    • Offering Fruit
    • Wave-hands-like-clouds
    • Prayer Wheel
    • Closing Qi Gong Set
    • Wuji
    After the last Wuji, sit silently for just a moment to maintain the calm of the room.
  4. Keep the instructions simple. Try to use only 1 to 2 word phrases. Suggestion of what you may say while performing each exercise can be found in the hand book but in general, your audience will follow your movement pattern and not the spoken instruction. Refer to familiar movements such as 'pretend that you are holding a ball' or 'reach' or 'stretch up' during picking fruit.
  5. Repeat each exercise 4 to 6 times so the residents get comfortable with that specific exercise.
  6. Introduce 2 or 3 more complex movements then return to sinking and rising (wiju) for a few repetitions before moving on.
  7. Any time that you feel that you are losing the attention of some of the class members, return to the simpler exercises such as Wuji or Picking Fruit.
  8. Thank your class for participating.
  9. Supervise the class departure.
  10. Secure the equipment.
  11. Restore the room to the previous order.
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