Conducting the program

Note: Meet at least twice per week with the same group for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Gather residents. One facilitator stays in the room to play warm up music, and greet guests by shaking hands, introducing self, telling them that you are glad hey have come to join you and asking if they like music. Show enthusiasm for the program they will attend: "We are going to have a good time, play music, sing, dance and liven this place up, can you help?" (Will need at least 3 people to gather residents effectively. Ask staff on units to have residents ready and at the activity on time).
  • As people enter the room they are greeted by a facilitator with a welcome, a handshake and a smile. They choose their instrument from the instrument cart. Warm up music is played at this time to set the mood. Pick a lively Big Band theme song that can be played to signal start of Big Band every time, so that when staff and residents hear the music they know Big Band is about to start.
  • When everyone is ready, we go around the room and everyone introduces themselves.
  • Have everyone, staff and residents, write down their favorite song and put it into a basket, then have someone pick a song out of the basket for the group to sing during the sing-along.
  • After each song, or a set of songs, ask the group if anyone has fond memories of the song and encourage them to share them.
  • Play the song "Good-bye, farewell" from Sound of Music, for example as a closing song. We say good-bye to everyone, thank them for coming, mention their contribution to the group and ask them if they'd like a hug!
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