(May ask a speech therapist to assist with this inservice, particularly to teach the communication techniques.)

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate two communication techniques used during Breakfast Club to encourage resident communication.
  2. List two methods to provide residents with opportunities for decision-making during Breakfast Club.
  3. Discuss three ways of supporting residual functional and social abilities of residents.

Time 40 Min.

  • 10 min. Lecture and explanation of Breakfast Club program and its benefits, including communication strategies to encourage and stimulate conversation.
  • 15 min. Simulated Breakfast Club
  • 15 min. Questionnaire (PDF, 30KB, 1pg.) and Discussion


  1. Read Breakfast Club Intervention in its entirety, especially:
  2. May order and use Breakfast Club Video, COMFI scale and manual. See references.
  3. Prepare setting for simulated Breakfast Club.


  1. Give lecture (see sample) (PDF, 30KB, 1pg.) and explanation of Breakfast Club.
  2. May use Breakfast Club video.
  3. Explain that a sample Breakfast Club will be conducted today at the inservice.
  4. Select Breakfast Club members by handing out invitations to 5 participants and one co-facilitator, or ask for volunteers. You will be the main facilitator of the simulated Breakfast Club.
  5. Ask the Breakfast Club "members" to assume the role of one of their residents with dementia who do not usually initiate conversation, but answer when spoken to. Ask them to follow the directions given by the facilitator.
  6. Ask for cooperation and participation from the rest of the group to observe the dynamics of the Breakfast Club, so suggestions can be made for resident and staff participation in the program.
  7. Conduct the Breakfast Club simulation.

Discuss the observations and recommendations of the members and the rest of the group. May use Inservice Questionaire for Breakfast Club.

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