Program Structure

Duration and Frequency

One hour once or twice per week

Participants in the Program

Group Size

5 or 6 residents with similar language abilities

Selection of Residents

Language and Communication Abilities

  • Inability to think of the right word to complete a thought and so substitutes many empty words.
  • Frequent substitution of wordy and indirect language for information-bearing nouns and verbs.
  • Moderately impaired in understanding complex material.
  • Have few sustained conversations with peers without a facilitator.
  • Functional Abilities

    1. Can sit for the majority of the program's duration.
    2. Able to perform most of the functional movements involved in the activity.

    Staff Needed to Conduct Breakfast Club

    • One facilitator and one co-facilitator

    Gradually train additional facilitators so they can substitute when the regular facilitators can't be there, or additional Breakfast Clubs can be held.

    Physical Environment, Equipment and Supplies Needed

    1. A room with a table large enough to fit participants and accommodate wheelchairs and walkers but permit face-to-face conversation. The room should be as free from distraction as possible, preferably with a door that closes.
    2. Accommodation to plug in electric equipment that may be needed, such as electric griddles, crock pots, coffee pot.
    3. Side tables within easy reach for supplies.
    4. Drinking cups, dinnerware, and utensils that accommodate each resident's functional abilities.
    5. Ask kitchen staff to provide food needed for the planned meal. Don't forget condiments.
    6. Cooking utensils such as spatulas, mixing bowls, cutting boards, paring knives, pancake turners.
    7. Wipes to wash hands before starting, cloths to wipe up spills, aprons if desired, pot holders, a roll of paper towels.

    Forms to Assist in Care Planning

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