Learning Objectives

The participants will be able to:

  1. Describe 3 alternative methods of bathing a resident
  2. Will be able to demonstrate how to give a gentle towel bath
  3. Will be able to list the equipment needed for a bag bath.
  4. Hand in an outline of a plan to adapt the type of bath and its environment for the resident chosen.

Time 45 Min.

  • 15 min. Give lecture on guidelines listed in previous sections and demonstrate Towel and Bag Bath as a "gentle" bathing program for residents with dementia.
  • 15 min. Have participants break up into groups to fill out questionnaire on bathing residents with dementia.
  • 15 min. Discussion using flip chart and questionnaires.


  1. Review Gentle Bathing intervention with guidelines, towel bath and bag bath.
  2. Meet with charge nurses and primary care aides on each unit to discuss residents who have difficulty with bathing.
  3. Discuss successful and unsuccessful techniques employed, problems and suggestions.
  4. Discuss with administration the bathing policy for residents with dementia . Use information to plan inservice.
  5. Copy questionnaires (PDF, 27KB, 1pg.), and prepare flip chart (PDF, 25KB, 1pg.) and handouts on towel and bag bath.
  6. Could also do the inservice on each unit if desired.
  7. Set up room with chairs in groups of 5, to facilitate discussion groups, if desired.


  1. Ask the questions:
    1. "How many of you dread bath day with some of your residents with dementia?"
    2. "Is there a better way to provide good personal hygiene to those residents with dementia who resist bathing every time?"
    3. "Can we make it a more pleasant experience for the resident and ourselves?"
    4. Then: "Let's put our heads together and see if we can."
  2. Give introductory lecture.
  3. Discuss the purpose of the program, and alternate solutions to bathing problems for residents with dementia in your facility.
  4. Demonstrate towel bath and bag bath.
  5. Ask participants to break up into groups, and use the questionnaire to discuss creative solutions to bathing problems for residents with dementia. Ask each group to consider any residents that would benefit from the towel or bag bath. Ask each group to appoint a recorder to fill in the questionnaire during the discussion.
  6. Have a group discussion, using the flip chart to record feedback from each group.
  7. Ask for suggestions from the whole group on approaches for unresolved problems.
  8. Discuss ways to evaluate effectiveness of the bathing plan.
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