Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify three residents who would benefit from participation in talking trash.
  2. List three benefits that result from supporting a resident's interpersonal and creative needs.

Time:45 min

  • 15 minutes introduction to the program
  • 20 minutes simulated reading the tabloid among participants
  • 10 minutes discussion


  1. Prepare introduction using a simulated talking trash session between someone with expertise and a group of staff.
  2. Post announcement for all staff and volunteers.
  3. Arrange chairs in a circle to simulate the program.
  4. If using a video: check TV/VCR settings and have video start at appropriate time.


  1. Explain purpose of the program.
  2. Show video or explain techniques used in talking trash to support a resident's strengths.
  3. Instruct the participants to practice and experience the program in small groups. This will help them to examine what gives them a sense of well-being and what supports it in their own lives. This will also help them to understand the intervention better so they will be able to choose the residents that it may benefit. It may also help in their interactions with residents.
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