Program Structure


60 Min.

  • 15 minutes to gather participants
  • 30 minutes for reading and discussion of articles in the tabloid
  • 15 minutes to return participants to their community

Participants in the Program

Group Size

Six to eight residents works best

Selection of Residents

Residents Strengths and Qualifiers

  1. Resident must be able to attend and participate in the reading of a tabloid.

Exit Criteria

  1. Resident is no longer able to attend and participate.

Physical Environment and Equipment Required

  1. A quiet private room with no distractions with enough room to place residents in wheelchairs if necessary.
  2. Tabloid such as the National Inquirer, Globe, US.

Staff Requirements

One program facilitator


  1. Appoint a facilitator to learn the program, set it up and be available as a contact person for the participants in the program.
  2. Train interested staff about how to participate in the program.
  3. Set up a schedule for the intervention.
  4. Arrange for a location that is comfortable and private.
  5. Inform staff of the time, place and frequency of the intervention to allow them to have the appropriate residents ready for the intervention.
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