Learning Objectives

The participants will be able to:
  1. Identify three ways of meeting the spiritual needs of two individual residents with dementia.
  2. List three adaptations that should be made in a worship service for residents with dementia.
  3. Specify two beneficial outcomes of meeting a resident's spiritual needs.

Time 45 Min.

  • 10 min. Participants fill in questionnaire
  • 15 min. Discussion of benefits of spiritual side of our lives and our residents' lives.
  • 20 min. Interactive discussion identifying spiritual needs of our residents with dementia and their families and staff role in meeting them.


  1. Review the guidelines on worship services and then talk to the persons who provide pastoral care (chaplains, pastors or members of their faith community) to your residents with dementia about the spiritual needs of these residents. Ask them to participate in the in-service if possible and give a presentation on the spiritual needs of residents with dementia and their families and how staff can support them to meet those needs. (Could have a panel discussion with ministers of different faiths to discuss the different faiths of residents in the facility and how their services can be adapted for residents with dementia and their families).
  2. Prepare flip chart (PDF, 12KB, 1pg.) as in sample. Print in large letters in contrasting colors that can be seen in the back of the room or set up for panel discussion
  3. Copy questionnaire (PDF, 24KB, 1pg.) and any handouts
  4. Post announcement for in-service inviting all caregiving staff and volunteers for residents with dementia. Could title poster:



  1. Ask participants to fill in questionnaire and tell them that you will give signal to stop at the end of 10 minutes. (You may set up room with chairs in groups of two and tell participants they may fill out questionnaires with another person.) Or, if having a panel discussion, introduce panelists and begin discussion. Use questionnaires as part of discussion.
  2. Discuss questions 1 through 3 going around room for answers. Record answers on flip chart
  3. Discuss question 4 about faiths and spiritual practices of residents they care for. Ask for examples of ways staff can further foster the satisfaction of spiritual needs of their residents. (What are they already doing? What more can be done?)
  4. Touch on the importance of meeting their own spiritual needs to keep up their spirits to continue to carry out their important caregiver role to their residents with dementia.
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