Schervier Nursing Care Center

Achieving Best Practices in Palliative Care for Dementia Residents: Steps for Success

The purpose of this grant was to obtain validation of a best practice model in palliative care for dementia residents. Schervier Nursing Care Center was supported by a consortium of four nursing homes and one research center on aging. The project built on the findings of an 18-month study conducted by Schervier Nursing Care Center which analyzed the nature, scope, and utilization of palliative care services being provided to residents in NYC nursing homes. This project developed a tool to assess each nursing facility's level of program development with regard to palliative care as well as the facility's readiness for change. This data was then used to develop education modules specific to the needs of each facility. Training was then conducted at each site by the palliative care coordinators hired through the grant for each facility. The project produced a training manual and CD ROM, which provided assistance to facilities who have not implemented or are struggling with maintaining their palliative care programs. Subsequent to the grant, the nursing homes in the consortium formed a "Nursing Home Palliative Care Consortium" to assist other facilities who may be struggling with their palliative care programs for dementia residents.

Goal: Strengthen palliative care programs within all nursing homes participating in the consortium. Improve the quality of palliative care services provided to dementia residents in New York State nursing homes. Develop and/or enrich palliative care programs in nursing homes across New York State.

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