On Target - Disability and Health in New York State

Be Prepared! Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

When you are in the middle of a crisis, there is no time to plan a response. Planning in advance is the best protection. For people with disabilities, being aware and prepared is critical during an emergency situation. Perhaps you think that someone else has already considered your needs in an emergency; this belief can create new difficulties and hazards.

This issue of On Target looks at emergency preparedness for people with disabilities. We explore what you can do to prepare for an emergency, how to create a personal support network, what to include in an emergency kit and where to go for help in planning for emergencies. You may not be able to avoid emergencies, but with some thoughtful planning you can reduce the risks they pose to your daily routines, and be confident that you are prepared. A good plan can help you feel in control, even in the face of unexpected events.