Hurricane Sandy: Guidelines for New York State Health Care Facilities

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The general guidance for all health care facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, adult care facilities, home care agencies, hospices, and others) is to be prepared for prolonged power outages that may result from high winds and/or flooding. Particular focus is on planning for patients who are dependent upon electrical equipment (i.e ventilators, dialysis patients, oxygen concentrators, etc.)

  • Check that generators are functioning properly
  • Ensure fuel levels are adequate
  • Secure appropriate food and water supplies

Facilities should report power outages to their local county/NYC Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and to State DOH. Facilities needing assistance due to prolonged power outages should make requests through their local EOC for local handling. Local EOCs will request state assistance if needed.

Greater New York City Area Facilities*

In advance of Hurricane Sandy, Governor Cuomo announced Sunday (October 28, 2012) the orderly suspension of MTA subway, bus and commuter railroad service beginning at 7 PM Sunday night. As a result, State Health Commissioner Shah ordered all adult homes, enriched housing programs, and nursing homes within the NYC region bring staffing levels to 150 percent of standard shifts by 5 PM Sunday. Staff advised to be prepared to stay for 48-72 hours.

The State Human Services Task Force is responding to a request for 700 volunteers for pre-landfall deployment and 2500 for post-landfall deployment to staff shelters.

Zone A, Rockaways, Northeast Queens and Eastern Shore of Bronx

All nursing homes in these areas have transferred ventilator-dependent patients to facilities outside of Zone A as required. Click here for a map of Zone A:

The State Health Department is maintaining regular communications with NYCDOH, state and regional Offices of Emergency Management (OEMs) and health care facilities across the state as the event unfolds.

This site will be updated as additional information is available.

*Inclusive of the five boroughs of New York City; Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk