Figure 4: Number and Percent of Children Screened One or More Times Between Ages Three Years and Six Years; 1996 - 2000 Birth Cohorts (1999 to 2005 Blood Lead Test Data),1 New York State Excluding New York City

Figure 4 shows both the number and percent of children born in the years 1996 through 2000 that had at least one blood lead screening test between 36 months and 72 months of age. Because blood lead testing among this age group is targeted based on risk assessment findings, not all children in this age group require routine screening blood lead tests. On average, the percent of children screened within this age group has remained steady around 28% for all birth cohorts between 1996 and 2000.

Birth Year Number of Children Screened One or More Times for lead Percent of Children Screened One or More Times for Lead
1996 39,928 28.4%
1997 39,830 28.8%
1998 39,221 28.4%
1999 39,142 28.8%
2000 37,853 27.5%


  1. Birth Cohorts beyond birth year 2000 are not included in this analysis because those children had not turned five years of age by 2005. Data are incomplete for children born in 2000, because they do not include children between the ages of five and six years.