Lead Poisoning Prevention Guidelines for Prenatal Care Providers

The New York State Department of Health is in the process of updating the New York State Lead Poisoning Prevention Guidelines for Prenatal Care Providers. During the interim, please utilize the 2010 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "Guidelines for the Identification and Management of Lead Exposure in Pregnant and Lactating Women." These guidelines are based on scientific data and provide practical considerations regarding preventing lead exposure during pregnancy, assessment and blood lead testing during pregnancy, medical and environmental management to reduce fetal exposure, breastfeeding, and follow up of infants and children exposed to lead in utero.

New York State Information Centers

Occupational Health Centers in the Clinic Network

The New York State Occupational Health Clinic Network is the nation’s only state-based occupational health clinic network and is located throughout the State. The network offers specialized medical diagnoses, high-quality care, and support services. The Occupational Health Clinics are available to all workers, retirees, and residents in New York State. No worker will be turned away because of an inability to pay and the clinics can bill directly to most major health insurance carriers.

Regional Lead Poisoning Prevention Resource Centers

The Department of Health supports three Regional Lead Resource Centers. The Resource Centers provide:

  • Education and support to medical providers and local health departments within their region. Centers work to improve lead testing, education, and prevention activities. The Centers use many methods of outreach, including newsletters, websites, grand rounds, and other meetings;
  • Consultation with medical providers on the medical management of children and pregnant women with lead poisoning;
  • Consultation with local health department staff on case coordination of children and pregnant women with lead poisoning;
  • Lead poisoning prevention information and materials.