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Information for Target Shooters and Hunters

People can be exposed to lead when it is released into the air when a gun is fired, particularly in a shooting range. Most ammunition contains lead within the bullet and the primer. Lead fumes are also formed as the lead bullet spirals through the barrel. These fumes can get into your body when you breathe or swallow, and lead dust can get on your food, cigarettes, or other items that you eat, drink, or put in your mouth. People can be exposed to lead by eating venison and small game harvested with lead shot and lead bullets.

For advice on how to reduce lead exposure and the risk of eating lead fragments from venison and other meat:

If you have any questions regarding how to reduce the amount of lead in venison, please contact your Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Wildlife Office.

For questions about potential health effects from lead, call the Department of Health at 518-402-7900.

Information about Gardening

Soil in certain areas may contain lead and other chemicals. Learn tips for healthy gardening.

Information about Lead-Glazed Art

Lead may get into foods or liquids that have been stored in ceramics, pottery, china, or crystal glazed with lead. Learn more about lead-glazed art.