Lead Exposure During Renovation and Remodeling

Before the 1970s household paint often contained lead. The older the home the more likely it is to contain lead. New York State has a very high proportion of older housing units, so chances are you are working on a home that contains lead-based paint. If you are planning a renovation and remodeling project – and lots of us are these days – you need to make sure you keep lead dust and lead fumes to a minimum. Lead paint dust or chips can cause serious health problems. Children and pregnant women are at higher risk. It's easy to take some basic steps to reduce hazards. You need to prepare the work area and use wet methods during paint removal and also when you clean up. When surfaces are wet, dust levels and fumes are low. The information below will help guide you through your project.

Publications About Reducing Lead Hazards During Remodeling

General Resources and Information about Lead