Alphabetic Listing of Waterbodies with Advisories

Remember - special regional advice applies to ALL waters in the Adirondack and Catskill regions.

Waterbody Region
Amawalk Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
Arthur Kill New York City
Ashokan Reservoir Catskill
Atlantic Ocean New York City, Long Island (Marine)
Beaver Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Beaver River, between High Falls Dam & Croghan Dam Adirondack Regional Advice
Beaverdam Lake & stream from Stewart State Forest to Beaverdam Lake Hudson Valley/Capital District
Big Moose Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Black River, Carhage State Dam to Herrings Dam St. Lawrence Valley
Block Island Sound Long Island (Marine)
Blue Mountain Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Big Reed Pond Long Island (Freshwater)
Bog Brook Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
Boyd Corners Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
Brown Tract Ponds, Lower and Upper Adirondack Regional Advice
Bubb Lake Adirondack
Buffalo River and Harbor Western
Canada Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Canadice Lake Finger Lakes
Cannonsville Reservoir Catskill
Carmans River, above Southaven Park Dam Long Island (Fresh)
Carmans River, tidal portion from Southaven Park Dam to Beaver Dam Road Long Island (Marine)
Carry Falls Reservoir Adirondack Regional Advice
Cayuga Creek Western
Chase Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Chenango River Finger Lakes, Leatherstocking/Central
Chodikee Lake Catskill, Hudson Valley/Capital District
Clark Street Ponds Hudson Valley/Capital District
Coldbrook Creek Finger Lakes
Cranberry Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Crane Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Crest View Lake Hudson Valley/Capital District
Cross River Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
Dart Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Delaware Park Lake/Hoyt Lake Western
Delta Lake Leatherstocking/Central
Diverting Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
Dunham Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
Dyken Pond Hudson Valley/Capital District
East Branch Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
East River to Throgs Neck Bridge New York City, Long Island (Marine)
Effley Falls Pond Adirondack
Eighteenmile Creek, above and below Burt Dam Western
Elmer Falls Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Erie Canal, between Lockport & Niagara River Western
Erie Canal/Mohawk River (Herkimer/Oneida) Leatherstocking/Central
Fall Lake Adirondack
Ferris Lake Adirondack
Forge River, tidal portion from Montauk Highway Dam/West Millpond Dam to Masury Point Long Island (Marine)
Forked Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Francis Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Franklin Falls Flow/Pond Adirondack
Freeport Reservoir Long Island (Freshwater)
Fresh Pond, Hither Hills State Park Long Island (Freshwater)
Gardiners Bay Long Island (Marine)
Goodyear Lake Leatherstocking/Central
Grant Park Pond Long Island (Marine)
Grasse River, mouth to Massena Power Canal St. Lawrence Valley
Great Sacandaga Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Halfmoon Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Hall's Pond Long Island (Freshwater)
Harlem River New York City
Herrick Hollow Creek Catskill
High Falls Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Hinckley Reservoir Adirondack Regional Advice, Leatherstocking/Central
Hoosic River Hudson Valley/Capital District
Hudson River Hudson River
Indian Lake, Town of Diana/Fort Drum Adirondack Regional Advice
Indian Lake, Towns of Indian Lake & Lake Pleasant Adirondack Regional Advice
Irondequoit Bay Finger Lakes
Jamaica Bay New York City, Long Island (Marine)
Kill Van Kull New York City
Kinderhook Lake Hudson Valley/Capital District
Kings Flow Adirondack Regional Advice
Koppers Pond Finger Lakes
Lake Algonquin Adirondack Regional Advice
Lake Alice/Waterport Reservoir Western
Lake Capri Long Island (Freshwater)
Lake Champlain Adirondack, St. Lawrence Valley
Lake Durant and Rock Pond, Town of Indian Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Lake Eaton Adirondack Regional Advice
Lake Erie Western
Lake Flower Adirondack
Lake Ontario Finger Lakes, St. Lawrence Valley, Western
Lake Welch Hudson Valley/Capital District
Lewey Lake Adirondack
Lewiston Reservoir/Power Reservoir Western
Limekiln Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Lincoln Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Loch Sheldrake Catskill, Hudson Valley/Capital District
Lockwood Basin/Masterson Park Pond Hudson Valley/Capital District
Lofts Pond Long Island (Freshwater)
Long Island Sound New York City, Long Island (Marine)
Long Island South Shore Long Island (Marine)
Long Lake, Town of Long Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Long Pond, Town of Croghan Adirondack Regional Advice
Lower Chateaugay Lake Adirondack
Lower and Upper Sister Lakes Adirondack Regional Advice
Lower New York Bay, south of Verrazano Narrows Bridge New York City
Lower Saranac Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Massapequa Reservoir, upstream of Long Island Railroad Long Island (Freshwater)
Massena Power Canal St. Lawrence Valley
Meacham Lake Adirondack
Mohawk River/Erie Canal Leatherstocking/Central, Hudson Valley/Capital District
Moodna Creek Hudson Valley/Capital District
Moshier Reservoir Adirondack
Mud Creek, tributary to Sauquoit Creek Leatherstocking/Central
Nassau Lake Hudson Valley/Capital District
Neversink Reservoir Catskill
Newark Bay New York City
Niagara River Western
North Lake, Town of Ohio Adirondack
North-South Lake Catskill
Onondaga Lake Finger Lakes
Osgood Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Oswego River St. Lawrence Valley
Owasco Lake Finger Lakes
Peconic Bay Long Island (Marine)
Peconic Lake and Peconic River, between the Edwards Ave Dam and Peconic Lake Dam Long Island (Freshwater)
Pepacton Reservoir Catskill
Pine Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Piseco Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Polliwog Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Quantuck Creek, tidal portion between Old Ice Pond and Quioque Point Long Island (Marine)
Rainbow Falls Reservoir Adirondack
Raquette Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Raritan Bay New York City
Recreation Pond Hudson Valley/Capital District
Red Lake St. Lawrence Valley
Ridders Pond Long Island (Freshwater)
Rio Reservoir Catskill, Hudson Valley/Capital District
Rollins Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Rondout Reservoir Catskill
Round Pond, Town of Long Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Rushford Lake Finger Lakes
Russian Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Sacandaga Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Sagamore Lake Adirondack
Salmon River (Clinton Co) Adirondack
Salmon River (Oswego Co) St. Lawrence Valley
Salmon River Reservoir St. Lawrence Valley
Sand Lake, Town of Arietta Adirondack Regional Advice
Sauquoit Creek, between Old Silk Mill Dam
near New Hartford/Paris town line and Mohawk River
Saw Mill River Hudson Valley/Capital District
Scajaquada Creek Western
Schoharie Reservoir Catskill
Schroon Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Seneca River, downstream of Lock 24 at Baldwinsville Finger Lakes
Sheldrake River Hudson Valley/Capital District
Sixmile Creek Leatherstocking/Central
Skaneateles Creek, Skaneateles Lake Dam at Skaneateles to Seneca River Finger Lakes
Smith Pond, Rockville Centre Long Island (Freshwater)
Smith Pond, Roosevelt Park Long Island (Freshwater)
Soft Maple Dam Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Soft Maple Reservoir Adirondack
South Pond, Town of Long Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Spring Lake, Middle Island Long Island (Freshwater)
Spy Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
St. Lawrence River St. Lawrence Valley
Stark Falls Reservoir Adirondack
Stillwater Reservoir Adirondack Regional Advice
Sunday Lake Adirondack
Susquehanna River Leatherstocking/Central, Finger Lakes
Swinging Bridge Reservoir Catskill, Hudson Valley/Capital District
Thayers Pond Hudson Valley/Capital District
Threemile Creek Leatherstocking/Central
Titicus Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
Tupper Lake Adirondack
Unadilla River Leatherstocking/Central
Union Falls Flow/Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
Upper Chateaugay Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Upper New York Bay, north of Verazzano Narrows Bridge New York City
Upper Twin Pond Long Island (Freshwater)
Valatie Kill Hudson Valley/Capital District
Washington Lake Hudson Valley/Capital District
Waterport Reservoir/Lake Alice Western
Weller Pond Adirondack Regional Advice
West Branch Reservoir Hudson Valley/Capital District
Whitney Park Pond Long Island (Freshwater)
Willis Lake Adirondack Regional Advice
Woods Lake Adirondack Regional Advice