Licensing guidance for use of PET agents at fixed facilities

  1. Describe the training and experience of the authorized users and nuclear medicine technologists with respect to the use of PET agents.
  2. Describe your procedures for dose calibrator set up to assay PET agents. State whether your dose calibrator has a setting for positron emitters or a correction factor will be applied to another setting (e.g., Co-60).
  3. Confirm that appropriate syringe shields are available for use with PET agents.
  4. State the manufacturer and model of the PET camera you will be using. Describe your quality control procedures for the PET camera, including the type of sources used for testing.
  5. Describe any additional radiation safety procedures or radiation safety equipment that will be used with PET agents (such as special L-blocks, additional shielding for generators, waste, scan rooms, etc.).
  6. Confirm that unrestricted areas adjacent to where PET agents will be used will be reevaluated to ensure that the limits for radiation dose to the public listed in section 16.7 of the State Sanitary Code are not exceeded.
  7. Submit a diagram of the location of the patient quiet room and calculations of radiation dose to members of the public in areas adjacent to the quiet room and scan room.