Licensing Guidance for Changes in Ownership of Licenses and/or Corporate Names

A change in ownership or corporate name requires that the radioactive materials license be amended immediately. The entity named as licensee is responsible to the Department for ensuring that all requirements of Code Rule 38 and the license are enforced and must be accurately represented on the license.

If only the Company name is changed we will need a letter on the company letterhead, signed by a certifying official (plant manager, company president, agency head) or legal entity involved. It must state that the name has been changed and give the new company name exactly as it appears on other legal documents. It should also state that no other changes relevant to the license have been made (e.g. the RSO remains the same, as well as the addresses of record, authorized users, etc.) or detail any changes.

If there is a change in ownership more information will be required. We must receive a letter on corporate letterhead of the new owner, containing the following information in addition to the new company name:

  • if applicable, a new FEIN # (Federal Employer Identification Number);
  • a statement that the license (including all referenced documents and amendments) has been reviewed and that the program described will be implemented;
  • a statement that the new owner has reviewed the radiation safety program and confirms that it is in compliance with all regulatory requirements;
  • a statement that all provisions of Code Rule 38 will be enforced;
  • a description of any changes in program staff, along with documentation of new staff training and experience for our review and approval;
  • a description of any other program changes for our review and approval;

Any financial assurance required under section 38.7, as well as workman's compensation and disability insurance documentation and notice to the local fire department regarding hazardous materials must also be revised to reflect the correct company name.

NOTE: If the programmatic changes are extensive, the Department may deem it preferable to require a new license application to be filed with complete supporting information.