Part 16 - Records Retention Times

Please note that this is a partial list of required records. Licensees should refer to Part 16, licensing guides and license conditions for a complete description of required records and retention times.

Citation Record Retention Period
16.5(b) Documentation of Radiation Safety Program Termination of license
16.6(e)(6) Occupational radiation exposure history Until disposition authorized by the Department (DBD)
16.6(e)(6 ) Records used to prepare history 3 yrs
16.9(c)(3) Radioactive cadaver report  
16.10(a)(4)(ii) Leak test records and reports of leaking sources 3 yrs (5 yr license cond)
16.10(b) Results of decommissioning surveys  
16.12(c)(4)(v) Records of contents of label-exempt container As long as it is in use
16.13(c)(7) Records of instructions to workers 3 yrs
16.14(b)(1)(i) Provisions of the radiation safety program Termination of license or registration
16.14(b)(1)(ii) Results of audits or other reviews 3 yrs
16.14(c)(1) Surveys and calibrations (and leak tests?) 3 yrs (5 yr license cond)
16.14(c)(2)(i) Records used to determine dose from external sources DBD
16.14(c)(2)(ii) Measurements and calculations to determine intake of radioactive material and assessment of internal dose. DBD
16.14(c)(2)(iii) Results of air sampling, surveys, and bioassays required for 16.26 (airborne radiation) DBD
16.14(c)(2)(iv) Results of measurements and calculations used to evaluate release to the environment. DBD
16.14(d) Prior occupational exposure and exposure history DBD: Upon termination of license or registration, store records permanently or transfer to DOH
16.14(e) Records of planned special exposures [see also 16.6(f)] DBD: Upon termination of license or registration, store records permanently or transfer to DOH
16.14(f) Records of individual monitoring results. DBD: Upon termination of license or registration, store records permanently or transfer to DOH
16.14(g) Records of dose to individual members of the public DBD [see also 16.7(b)(2)]
16.14(h) Entry control checks for very high radiation areas. 3 yrs
16.14(i) Transfer & receipt of radioactive materials and waste  
16.23(a)(1)(iii) Records of testing and maintenance for diagnostic equipment  
16.23(b)(4)(iv) Records of investigation into poor mammography image quality. 3 yrs
16.24(a)(1)(i)(f) Patient treatment records (external beam and brachytherapy)  
16.24(a)(1)(i)(j) Records of quality control testing on therapy equipment  
16.24(a)(5) Records of therapy quality assurance programs and audits  
16.24(b)(1)(i)(f) Patient treatment records (radiopharmaceutical therapy)  
16.24(b)(3 Records of radiopharmaceutical therapy quality assurance programs and audits  
16.25(b)(1)(i) Records of unreportable diagnostic misadministrations. 3 yrs
16.25(b)(2)(i)a) Records of reportable diagnostic misadministrations and therapy misadministrations 6 yrs
16.122(a)(5) Teletherapy service and maintenance records Duration of license
16.122(b)(3) Records of training for teletherapy 3 yrs
16.122(c)(4) Teletherapy radiation monitor checks 3 yrs
16.122(d) Calibrations of teletherapy dosimetry equipment Duration of license
16.122(e) Teletherapy calibrations Life of source plus 6 yrs
16.122(g) Physicist review of teletherapy monthly spot checks 3 yrs
16.122(h) Safety checks of teletherapy unit following source installation 3 yrs
16.122(i) Radiation surveys for teletherapy unit following source installation Duration of license
16.123(b) Records of patient release 5 yrs
Molybdenum breakthrough 3 yrs
16.123(g)(2) Quarterly sealed source inventories 3 yrs
16.123(c)(3)(v) Records of surveys of sealed source storage areas 3 yrs