FAD Section 9 - Administration

2007 FAD Requirements

The 2007 FAD requires the City to maintain staffing and funding necessary to support the activities that constitute the City's watershed protection programs. Specifically, the 2007 FAD requires the City: to identify actual filled staff position levels versus available positions for each division and section involved in supporting the watershed protection program, and confirm that resource levels are adequate to ensure that all program goals/FAD requirements are met; and to report annually to the regulators on amount of money spent in the previous year and amount appropriated for the current year and following year for watershed protection programs.

Evaluation of the NYC Water System's Performance

FAD requirements for this program have been met. The City's July 2011 report on budget and staffing identified 1,051 budgeted positions, of which 987 were filled (94%). In general, NYSDOH and EPA believe that the City continues to adequately support its programs.