Compliance Report Heading Definitions

Name (PWS ID) Name of System; Public Water System Identifier: a unique identifying number given to each system
Type classification of the public water system as community, non-transient non-community, or transient non-community water systems.
Violation Type type of violation issued for the system which includes a violation code number, the name of the violation, and reference to the applicable regulatory rule.
Months Covered Period in months within which the violation occurred.
Status the current enforcement status for this violation. Possible status explanations are as follows:
  • No longer in violation − the system has returned to compliance for the violation issued.
  • Corrective action taken − An enforcement action has been taken to bring the system into compliance.
  • No action − No enforcement action has been recorded in the Safe Drinking Water Information Database to date. Either there has been no enforcement action taken or the enforcement action was not included in data as of the date of this report.