DAL 17-19: 2017 Renovations

October 20, 2017

DAL 17-19: 2017 Renovations

Dear Administrator:

During surveillance activities, Department of Health staff have identified some facilities that have initiated or completed construction activities that exceed routine maintenance and repair. Per Department Regulations 485.5(f), No operator shall change or modify a facility, or the services originally approved and stipulated by the operating certificate, without prior written approval of the department, and 487.11(b) An operator seeking certification to operate an adult home, or an operator of a certified facility planning renovation or remodeling, must: (1) submit to the department, plans and specifications for construction, renovation or building addition; and (2) proceed with implementation of such plan only after obtaining written approval of the department.

Operators are required to notify their Regional Office of any planned renovations to their facility that may disrupt services or potentially impact the safety of their residents. This notification includes the requirement to submit a safety plan for review and approval by the Regional Office prior to the start of renovations to the facility as well as documentation of appropriate approval from the local code enforcement officer for the renovation project.

Operators who are identified as pursuing activities beyond normal routine maintenance and repair will be in violations of these regulations and will be cited. Prior written approval can be obtained by contacting your Regional Office, who will contact the Department's Bureau of Licensure and Certification for approval, if required.


Valerie A. Deetz, Director
Division of Adult Care Facilities & Assisted Living Surveillance