2011 - 2013 Schedule of Due Dates *

Assessment Month Postmark Date 1 Due Date 2
April 201113-May-1116-May-11
May 201113-Jun-1115-Jun-11
June 201113-Jul-1115-Jul-11
July 201113-Aug-1115-Aug-11
August 201113-Sep-1115-Sep-11
September 201113-Oct-11 17-0ct-11
October 201113-Nov-11 15-Nov-11
November 201113-Dec-11 15-Dec-11
December 201113-Jan-12 17-Jan-12
January 2012 13-Feb-12 15-Feb-12
February 2012 13-Mar-12 15-Mar-12
March 2012 13-Apr-12 16-Apr-12

Assessment Month Postmark Date 1 Due Date 2
April 201213-May-1215-May-12
May 201213-Jun-1215-Jun-12
June 201213-Jul-1216-Jul-12
July 201213-Aug-1215-Aug-12
August 201213-Sep-1217-Sep-12
September 201213-Oct-1215-0ct-12
October 201213-Nov-1215-Nov-12
November 201213-Dec-1217-Dec-12
December 201213-Jan-1315-Jan-13
January 201313-Feb-1315-Feb-13
February 201313-Mar-1315-Mar-13
March 201313-Apr-1315-Apr-13

1Postmark date remains constant. It is not adjusted for weekends or holidays.

2Due date has been adjusted for weekends and holidays.

<* Please note an extension has been given as follows:

  • Nursing Homes April 2011 report is due May 17, 2011
  • For LTHHCPs Only:
    • April 2011 report is due June 20, 2011
    • May 2011 report is due July 10, 2011
    • June 2011 report is due July 29, 2011