The New York Patient Occurrence and Tracking System (NYPORTS)

The New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System (NYPORTS) is a mandatory adverse event reporting system established pursuant to Public Health Law §2805-l and Title 10 New York Code, Rules and Regulations §405.8 and 751.10.

Article 28 Hospitals and Diagnostic & Treatment Centers are required to report adverse events to a secure electronic system called the Health Commerce System (HCS). Hospitals and clinic staff, with a valid Health Commerce System (HCS) account, may apply for access to the electronic NYPORTS system via the HCS. NYPORTS staff may be contacted at (518) 402-1004 if assistance is required with the application and reporting processes.

NYPORTS information, is collected and maintained by the NYS Department of Health and is kept confidential pursuant to Public Health Law §2805-m.

Annual Reports

To gain access to NYPORTS on the Health Commerce system, follow Instructions below:

Once you have access to NYPORTS applications above, the following is instructions on how to assign roles in Health Commerce System: