Uniform Assessment System for New York

The following project updates, presentations/webinars and training videos contain outdated UAS information and materials.
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Beta Project Update

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June 26, 2012

Program Assessments

The New York State Department of Health, Division of Long Term Care is developing the Uniform Assessment System for New York (UAS–NY), which is a web–based software application. The overall goal of the UAS–NY is to utilize a comprehensive assessment system within all community based long term care services and programs which:

  • evaluates individuals’ health status, strengths, care needs, and preferences and guides the development of individualized long–term care service plans;
  • assists with program eligibility determinations and identification of program options;
  • improves care coordination and facilitates service delivery: and
  • ensures that individuals with long term care needs receive the right care, within the right setting, and at the right time.

After extensive research, DLTC has created the UAS–NY Community Assessment. This assessment is largely based on the Community Health Assessment (CHA) by interRAI, a not–for–profit research organization (www.interRAI.org). The UAS–NY includes the Community Assessment, which will enable an assessor to review multiple domains of function, health, social support, and service use. The Community Assessment includes two supplements. The first supplement is the Functional Supplement, which provides assessors with additional data related to health, function, and support. The second supplement is the Mental Health Supplement, which captures additional information related to mental health service history, mental state, and social relations. Based on responses to the Community Assessment, the Functional Supplement and/or the Mental Health Supplement may be triggered for completion.

The pilot implementation of the UAS–NY is scheduled to begin in late November and continue through February 2013. Statewide implementation is slated to begin in February or March of 2013.

When selected programs/plans begin the pilot implementation of the UAS–NY, existing assessment instruments will be replaced by the UAS–NY Community Assessment. Below is a list of instruments currently used that will be replaced for specific programs.

Adult Day Health Care Registrant Assessment Instrument (RAI)
Assisted Living Program (ALP) Hospital/ Community Patient Review Instrument (PRI) Screen (PRI related)
DSS– 4449B Identifying Information
DSS–4449C Medical Evaluation and Physician Orders
DSS–4449D Nursing/Functional/Social Assessment Mental Health Assessment

The Medical Evaluation will be partially replaced by the UAS– NY. The physician´s section will be substantially shortened. The UAS–NY will not replace the Mental Health Assessment.
Care At Home (CAH) I, II DSS–4362 Pediatric Patient Review Instrument (PPRI)
DSS–3139 (Home Assessment Abstract) or approved local equivalent
Long Term Home Health Care Program DMS–1 (Long Term Care Placement Form)
DSS–3139 (Home Assessment Abstract)
Managed Long Term Care Semi–Annual Assessment of Members (SAAM)
Personal Care Services/ Consumer Directed Personal Care Assistant Program (CDPAP) DSS–3139 (Home Assessment Abstract)
DMS–1 (Long Term Care Placement Form)
Personal Care Services – NYC M27–R (RN Assessment Task Based Assessment) M11–S (Social Assessment)
NHTD/TBI Waivers Hospital/ Community Patient Review Instrument (PRI) Screen and Initial Service Plan (ISP)

The Initial Service Plan will not be replaced until the service planning component is implemented in the UAS–NY.

It is important to note that the implementation of the UAS–NY requires organizations to analyze and adjust their business practices and processes. All organizations are required to adhere to existing laws, regulations, policy, and guidance for the respective programs/plans.

For example, nursing home admissions still require a PRI and staff conducting the PRI must still be certified to use the instrument. In addition, federally required assessments, such as the Minimum Data Set (MDS) and Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS), will not be replaced by the UAS–NY Community Assessment.

For additional information about the UAS–NY, please email uasny@health.state.ny.us.