Home Care Cost Report - Outreach Program Details

  • Details are also available in Portable Document Format (PDF)

As part of the upcoming 2020 Home Care Cost Report process, DOH and KPMG have developed the expected outreach program that will occur throughout the cost report submission and audit period.

The below table outlines a description of the outreach items, as well as the expected date and timing for each. Please note that these estimated dates may be subject to change.

Outreach item Description Date Expected timing
Providers receive link to the 2020 Home Care Cost Report Web-based Tool
  • Prior to the Kickoff Webinar, providers will receive a new link for the 2020 Home Care Cost Report Web-based Tool.
  • The link will be sent out via email, from us-advrisknyshc@kpmg.com.
  • For users who completed the 2019 Home Care Cost Report, the log-in credentials for the Web-based Tool will be the same log-in credentials used last year.
August 16th, 2021 Not applicable
2020 Home Care Cost Report Statewide Kick-off Webinar
  • DOH and KPMG will conduct the Initial Statewide Kickoff Webinar.
  • This virtual session will cover the following:
    • Timeline
    • Overview of the cost report process
    • Key information
    • KPMG´s role
    • Web-based Tool introduction and walkthrough
    • Cost report schedules walkthrough
    • Updates to the 2020 cost report
    • Audit process overview (including new field audit procedures)
    • Next steps
August 26th, 2021 120 minutes
Web-based Tool Walkthrough Videos
  • KPMG recorded videos of technical walkthroughs of the Tool´s functionality. These videos include the following areas:
  • Logging in, reviewing instructions, and navigating FAQs
  • Schedule walkthroughs
  • Walkthrough of steps to finalize and submit the cost report, including how to print versions directly from the Tool
  • These videos are be posted directly in the Web-based Tool for providers to view at their convenience.
Currently available 3-5 minutes per video
Supporting Documentation Templates
  • KPMG put together a supporting documentation template for each entity type (CHHA, LHCSA, and FI). Each template contains example information for Schedules 3, 4, and 5 for providers to use as guidance while putting together their supporting documentation for the 2020 cost report.
  • Shortly after the 2020 Home Care Cost Report is made available, these templates will be posted within the Instructions tab of the Web-based Tool, as well as on the DOH website.
Mid-August Not applicable
Materials posted to DOH website
  • DOH plans to post the below cost report materials to its website for providers to reference during the cost report submission process:
    • Cost Report Instructions
    • 2019 Monthly Outreach Session PDFs
    • 2019 Lessons Learned Webinar PDF
    • Communication Information for Provider Inquiries
    • Supporting Documentation Templates
Mid-August Not applicable
Monthly Statewide Provider Outreach Sessions
  • Provider outreach sessions will be held 1-2 times per month to communicate updates, address questions, and discuss specific components of the cost report and/or Web-based Tool.
  • Agencies can expect the following to be addressed during these sessions:
  • Questions submitted since the previous monthly session.
  • Discussion of cost report schedule components that require further explanation.
  • Guidance for connecting the schedules to supporting documentation and audit procedures.
September, October, and November of 2021 60-90 minutes
Audit Kick-off Webinar
  • Shortly before the audit kick-off, KPMG will host a webinar providing a walkthrough of the audit process, KPMG and provider expectations, and the expected timing of activities.
Mid November 2021 90 minutes
Lessons Learned Webinar
  • After the conclusion of the KPMG audit process, a lessons learned webinar will be held to discuss the following:
  • Successes and opportunities for improvement for the cost report submission and audit process
  • Future year suggestions
TBD 60-90 minutes