Medicaid Redesign: Uniform Assessment System for Long-Term Care in New York State

The following project updates, presentations/webinars and training videos contain outdated UAS information and materials.
All current information is located on the UAS–NY main page.

The New York State Department of Health, Division of Long Term Care (DLTC) is in the midst of developing and implementing the Uniform Assessment System – New York (UAS-NY). The UAS-NY is planned to be a comprehensive, web-based system. Initially, the UAS-NY will focus on implementing the UAS-Community Health Assessment (UAS-CHA). The UAS-NY will have the capability to expand in the future.

The development and implementation of the UAS-NY will occur in four phases:

  • development and design of the system (currently in process)
  • beta testing the UAS-NY and the UAS-CHA (projected March through May 2012)
  • pilot testing the UAS-NY and the UAS-CHA (projected June through August 2012)
  • statewide implementation (projected to begin September 2012)

Phase I Update:

  • Project staff consulted a range of stakeholders to support the UAS-NY development, including departments of social services, the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA), long term care providers from across New York State, and representatives from other interested parties.
  • Project staff completed iteration one of the five stage product development cycle. Stage one documented the requirements of New York State's long term care system.
  • Work has been initiated for iteration two, which will result in a functional system to test.

Phase II Update:

  • Plans have been initiated to test the UAS-NY. Beta testing will evaluate the system and related business processes.
  • Geographically representative entities will participate in the beta testing. Participating entities include local departments of social services, long term care providers, and their respective consumers.
  • Online, self-paced courses are under development to prepare individuals to use the UAS-NY.
  • Beta testing participants will provide feedback and input on the UAS-NY application and the implementation structure. The following areas will be reviewed.
    • Information Technology: Hardware; security; access; local firewall and network concerns; and record storage and maintenance.
    • Training: Review of the courses and pre-requisites.
    • UAS-NY Application: Review accuracy; functionality; usability; adequacy of built-in support functions; and online and offline usage.
    • Implementation Support: Review the help functions and other support provided to UAS-NY users.
    • Administration: Review report accuracy and functionality; state and local management of system and users; and impact on local processes and consumers.
    • Project Implementation Roles and Responsibilities: Review the overall implementation structure.

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