Required Postings

Nursing homes in New York State must post the following information in the facility, in a location easily accessible to residents and the public:

  • Summary of residents' rights and all rules and regulations governing resident conduct and responsibilities;
  • Information about how to apply for and use Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and how to receive refunds for previous payments covered by such benefits;
  • Information about advance directives or written instructions concerning important health care decisions, health care proxy and designation of a health care agent;
  • A schedule of the facility's current monthly activities;
  • The facility's visiting hours;
  • The date and time the facility will assess residents to determine the intensity of their needs;
  • The date and time the New York State Department of Health auditors will visit the facility to audit the Patient Review Instrument;
  • A statement that each resident has the right to know to which reimbursement category he or she has been assigned by the facility;
  • The person to contact in the facility for more information about resident assessment categories and reimbursement;
  • A New York State Division of Human Rights nondiscrimination regulatory poster (must be displayed in the Admissions Office).
  • Ensure that residents, employees or other person(s) may file complaints with or provide information to any long term care patient Ombudsman

The home shall make available for examination the results of the most recent survey of the facility conducted by federal or State surveyors including any statement of deficiencies, any plan of correction in effect with respect to the facility and any enforcement actions taken by the Department of Health. They shall be made available in a place readily accessible to residents and designated representatives without staffing assistance.