STD Materials Order Form

The New York State Health Department Bureau of Sexually Transmitted Disease Control is offering the following materials free of charge in limited quantities to New York State residents and organizations. You may obtain copies by clicking the quantity of each item needed and completing the requestor information. Please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

Requestor Information
STD Materials Order Form
English (3835)
Spanish (3836)
English (3802)
Spanish (3803)
English (3807)
Spanish (3808)
Genital Warts (HPV)
English (3837)
Spanish (3838)
Genital Herpes (HSV)
English (3801)
Spanish (3809)
English (3839)
Spanish (3840)
Bacterial Vaginosis
English (3831)
Spanish (3832)
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
English (3804)
Spanish (3810)
Yeast Infection
English (3833)
Spanish (3834)
Diseases that Spread Through Sex
English (3805)
Spanish (3806)
4 STD Palm Card
English (3827)
Spanish (3829)
Syphilis Palm Card
English (3828)
Spanish (3830)
Get Yourself Tested (GYT) Promotional Materials
Button - GYT People (3821)
Button - GYT Blocks (3822)
Button - GYT It's Time (3823)
Sticker - GYT We Are The Future (3824)
Sticker - GYT Know Thyself (3825)
Sticker - GYT Blocks (3826)
Take Control Postcard Infographics
Healthy Relationships (3811)
Condoms (3812)
Safer Sex (3813)
Asymptomatic STDs (3814)
Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (3850)
Safer Oral Sex (3851)
Get Tested (3852)
Abstinence/Not Ready for Sex (3853)
One in Four (3854)
Six Steps for Sexual Health (3855)
Hepatitis C - Tattoo/Piercing (3856)
Teen STD Post Card
English (9906)

*Note: Please DO NOT click the Submit button more than one. This will create duplicate orders. You should receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours; if you do not, please call (518) 474-3598. If you cannot use this form, print a copy, mark the quantity of each item needed, and fax the order form to (518) 486-5927.

For educational materials on HIV/AIDS, please visit the NYSDOH AIDS Institute's Publications page.