Questions and Responses Resulting From the 11/28/11 Vendor Walk-Through for the Biggs Lab Refrigeration Contract

Topic - Use of spare freezers:

Question: How are the spare freezers distributed for lab staff use?

Answer: Biggs lab has 4 spare freezers for use by the refrigeration repair staff, in the event that contents must be removed from a freezer that has failed. The refrigeration staff will transport the spare to the needed location, plug it in, get it down to temperature. The scientific staff will then relocate their frozen materials to the spare, which will then be repaired and returned to service.

Topic - After hours service calls:

Question: Approximately how many after-hours service calls are involved in this work?

Answer: During 2011, it is estimated that refrigeration repair staff were called to Biggs lab for emergency repair work after normal business hours on 15 occasions. This number is NOT representative of any typical year, and can change depending upon a variety of factors. During non-business hours, Wadsworth security staff will contact the refrigeration staff if needed, and this happens only after the scientific staff have been informed by security or engineering staff that one of their refrigeration units is non-functional. If the scientific staff feel strongly that the contents of the machine are at risk of loss and valuable, repair staff are then contacted.

Topic - Condensing water/ chilled water:

Question: Does the refrigeration equipment use condensing water or chilled water for cooling?

Answer: Condensing water, in all but one case. The condensing water system is maintained by the Albany Utilities OGS engineering staff.

Topic - Prevailing wage rates:

Question: A confirming statement was made by a vendor that prevailing wage rates applied to this IFB.

Answer: Mr. Stubblebine confirmed that this was true.

Topic - Allowance for repair parts and materials: no comments

Question: There was no vendor question, this topic was introduced by Mr. Stubblebine.

Answer: Mr. Stubblebine remarked that the IFB contained an annual allowance for parts, and described the rationale behind this provision and method that the contractor would use to invoice for parts that are provided.

Topic - Special safety concerns:

Question: Are there any special safety considerations to be aware of while working at Biggs lab?

Answer: Biggs lab does not contain any biological safety level 3 activities. The Wadsworth safety office conducts right-to-know training. This training, used in conjunction with the lab staff's safety clearance procedures for their lab space, the work areas entered by repair staff are confirmed to be safe. Some special attire may be needed to enter the vivarium space, but this attire is provided.

Topic - Parts work sheet for pricing:

Question: The IFB parts pricing worksheet lists a Dunham Bush compressor. Can Wadsworth provide more detail for this item?

Answer: This example of a typical repair component is:
Dunham Bush compressor, model 20CELF3NEW. 208/230 volt.