Telemedicine Demonstration Program - 2006 Awards Summary

The purpose of the Telemedicine Demonstration Project administered by the NYS Department of Health is to identify new technologies to improve quality of care and disease management for home care patients. The pilot initiative serves as a critical component in New York's efforts to further increase access to quality health care for individuals who are primarily home-bound due to chronic health conditions and/or disabilities, as well as for residents living in rural areas of the State.

Twenty-two agencies were awarded $2,900,000 for telemedicine demonstration projects in Round 2 of the proposal. Below is a listing of Telemedicine projects awarded in 2006, the amount of the award and a summary of the project.

Facility Region Amount Description
Putnam County Department of Health Nursing Services Home Health Agency MARO $ 94,620 Utilize hospital grade telemonitors from Honeywell HomMed to monitor 216 patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Heart Transplant (HT), and post Coronary Artery By-pass Graft (CABG)
Western Region Health Corporation, Inc. Western $133,903 Manage the care of 100 patients with CHF and/or Diabetes by utilizing HomeMed Monitors and the MedPartner electronic medication monitor
Cattaraugus County Department of Health Home Health Agency Western $ 11,700 Web based physician portal interfacing with agency's electronic clinical record utilizing Misys Optimum; use telemonitoring units in home of patients with Heart Failure, Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension and COPD
Visiting Nursing Association of Western New York Western $150,000 Expansion of existing program to purchase 10 additional units for AMD telemedicine "Care Companion" devices and hire additional 1.5 FTE staff
Madison County Public Health Central $138,905 Fifteen Honeywell HomMed Genesis monitors to serve 130 patients diagnoses with COPD, CHF and Diabetes
Selfhelp Special Family Care Home Inc. MARO $142,83 Honeywell HomMed devices to monitor 96 patients with HIV/AIDS
The Jewish Home and Hospital for Aged MARO $145,947 Expansion of 40 patients to Diabetes monitoring program through incorporation of automated medication dispenser
Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation MARO $137,187 Expanding current program to manage 60 additional patients with chronic illness including Diabetes, CHF and COPD
Visiting Nurse Association of Albany, Inc.,
VNA of Saratoga and
VNA of Rensselaer
Capital District $150,000 Expansion of existing program by adding 24 non-video and 5 video units in homes of Diabetes patients to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and weight
Park Ridge Home Western $147,271 AMAC Health Buddy program to manage 30 Cardiopulmonary patients
North Shore University Hospital MARO $150,000 Expansion of existing program to improve quality of patient care and improved compliance with medication, diet and weight monitoring
Hudson Valley Home Care Inc. MARO $126,595 Expansion of current Health Buddy program to monitor an addition 225 CHF patients
VIP Health Services MARO $121,270 Vital Caregiving home monitoring units for patients with diagnosis of CHF, COPD, Diabetes or Cancer
Genesee Regional Home Care Association, Inc., d/b/a Lifetime Care Western $143,166 Expansion of home based telemedicine program by 20 units to monitor patients with Cardiac or Pulmonary Disease
Visiting Nurse Service of NY Home Care MARO $150,000 Enhancement of existing telemedicine system by expanding and extracting clinical data and integrating into the existing care record system
United Hebrew Geriatric Center MARO $132,210 Vital Caregiving home monitoring units for 60 Medicaid patients with diagnoses of Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, COPD or Diabetes
Gurwin Jewish Geriatric Center LTHHCP MARO $149,972 Utilize Vital Caregiving home monitoring units for patients with exacerbation of CHF or uncontrolled Diabetes
Visiting Nurse Service of Westchester, Inc. MARO $139,991 Utilize Vital Caregiving home monitoring units for patients with CHF, Pneumonia or COPD
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Home Health Agency MARO $150,000 Expansion of existing telemedicine program to manage cardiac patients in addition to COPD patients in the current program; addition of video telemonitoring unit
St. Mary's Hospital for Children, Inc. MARO $146,000 Utilize Vital Caregiving home monitoring units for 60 pediatric patients with various diagnoses
St. Joseph's Hospital Central $142,076 Viterion Telehealth Monitoring Systems for use with 60 patients per year during the two year project, all whom are diagnoses with CHF
L. Woerner, Inc. Western $ 96,054 Program to teach 40 CHF patients self-monitoring and assessment skills, which will be supported by nursing visits